Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are written by hand. Not printed.
We would make a decision on the feasibility of using printed messaging on a case by case basis. Some projects or services add additional complexity if the message is printed.
This is something that is reviewed during our expression design session. We want to allow you to use whatever method is easiest on your end. Sending images of order forms, texting or emailing have all been used.
We send images of our first mailing. We also send a sample to you so that you can see the quality. When stock designs are used, cards may change from time to time. We do not send images with each change.
If you use more cards than the monthly package chosen, the charges will first draw from rollover quantities. If no rollover amounts are available, you will receive an invoice at the end of the month for the additional cards used. The price per card will be equal to the per card rate of the chosen package. After multiple overages, we’ll initiate conversation on looking into the next highest package.
There is a $1 convenience fee per gift card. Special projects will be quoted separately.
Yes, other gift options are available. We provide a gift sourcing service.
Yes, we can insert business cards, magnets, small flyers or any other material that would fit into the card. There is a $.10 handling fee per card.
Yes, we are able to store your customer list and manage it for on-going mailings. You would need to send us updates on a regular basis. You can also share the database with us from your side or provide a shared file system for us to pull the required data as needed.
Tracking can be added per card, but there is a significant postal fee for doing so.
If the product arrives damaged, we will do our best to replace the experience for the recipient.
All service agreements are 6 month plans.
Plans can be cancelled any time after the initial 6 months, with 30 days notice. Email
The Expressory would rather fix any problems that arise and be sure you are happy with your order. If you have experience any problems, please contact us. Our first priority is to get another order on its way as quickly as possible. We hope we don’t have come up with a solution in the first place but rest assured we can and will if necessary.
Your expression design session includes up to a 60 minute call to discuss your specific campaign objectives and to collect design requirements and other project details. You will receive a proposal, next steps and a quote as follow-up.
All customer information provided to us will be stored in our database. It is never sold, nor used for any purpose other than tracking of your mailings.
During your expression design session, this should be noted, and The Expressory would be happy to sign a mutual NDA.